We welcome anyone who is interested to particpate in the long list of ministries we get involved in.  Contact me at any time and continue to check the website for updates.  We need your time and help to make these ministries a success!
Rich Engel - VP
Chesterfield Food Bank
Chesterfield Food Bank

There are families in Chesterfield County that go to bed hungry every night. Chesterfield Food Bank exists to give a hand up, to those in need. We serve 6,000 meals to 1,200 people each week. Volunteers at Grace serve at the Food Bank the last Friday of each month.


THE CHESTER YMCA Has assisted low-income families with after-school care and older adults isolated by age find friends at the YMCA.

Shepard Center
Shepard Center

VOLUNTEERS AT THE SHEPHERD CENTER Assisted with 621 Medical and Grocery Shopping rides, completed 45 Handy Hands repairs, 367 clients enrolled in programs with 75 different classes offered and provided over 1,200 lunches during Luncheon Forums.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care

THE VIRGINIA INSTITUTE OF PASTORAL CARE Provided over 2,000 pastoral counseling sessions to individuals, couples, and families regardless of their ability to pay.

Prison Ministry
Prison Ministry

GOOD NEWS PRISONS MINISTRIES Provided 75 Bible Classes at Chesterfield County Jail which were attended by 800+ inmates. They also ministered to 20+ staff.

And more !
And more !

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The members and staff of Grace live out their Christian faith in the community in tangible ways through:

  • CCHASM Food Bank

  • Shut In and Hospital Visitations 

  • Cancer CompanionsHome Visits

  • Bingo Hour at Colonial Heights Health Care and Rehabilitation Center

  • Meals for the sick 

  • Pastoral Counseling 

  • Funeral Receptions 

  • Premarital Counseling 

  • Prayer Team 

  • G.E.M. (Grace Emergency Medical Fund)

  • Ramp-building Ministry

  • Support for an annual  Friends of Barnabas Medical Mission trip to Honduras 

  • An annual Mission Trip to rebuild homes in areas devastated by natural disasters


Grace is also active in providing Christian care in the community through: 

  • CARITAS Homeless Ministry

  • CCHASM (Chesterfield, Colonial Heights  Alliance for  Social Ministry) which provides help with rent, electric and gas bills, medical supplies, and food

  • Food Bank  (providing food for the hungry)

  • And through support for the YMCA and other community organizations.   


If you or someone you know would benefit by connecting with us on any of these issues, just drop us a note and we will be happy to put you in touch with the right person!